Executive Management

Executive Management

דוד גוזלן - מנכ

CEO David Gozlan

Education: BSc. in Aerospace Engineering

Founder and CEO of GOP, holds a BSc. in Aerospace Engineering from the The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and brings to the table deep and diverse experience in both steel manufacturing and steel erection for heavy infrastructure.
Mr. Gozlan has more than 35 years of experience in the infrastructure business and has served in variety of executive leadership positions including CEO of KOOR Metals Ltd. for more than 18 years.
Mr. Gozlan’s portfolio includes high profile major projects such as: construction of power plants, HRSG, turboset, bridges, large industrial oil tanks, industrial piping systems and many more.

Mr. Gozlan also serves as a member of the Standards Committee of the Standards Institution of Israel.

יוסף חלבי - מנהל מכרזים והנדסה - גרנד אופק פרויקטים

Tenders Manager Yosef Halabi

Education: Mechanical Engineer


2015-Current Tenders Manager & PM, Grand Ofek Projects
Tender Pricing
Engineering Analysis
Cost Evaluations
Negotiations with clients
Engineering Support
Schedule Planning
Working Method Planning
Work Preparation Planning
Project Cost analysis

Project Manager of:
Bridge 180 over Aneva Stream
Steel Bridge over Hadera stream
Orot Rabin Chimney mechanical overhaul (Clients: IECo and Doosan)

Phone: +972-54-2340089
Email: Yosef.h@g-o-p.co.il

Aviv Ben Shushan

Engineering Planning Aviv Ben Shushan

Education: Practical Civil Engineer


2013-Current: PM, Grand Ofek Projects at IECo power plants.
Re-enfourcment of steel structure @ Orot Rabin Power Plant, Hadera
2 X SCR erection @ Rutenberg Power Plant, Ashdod
Upgrade of Limestone facility @ Rutenberg Power Plant, Ashdod
Erection of SCR unit 1 @ Rutenberg Power Plant, Ashdod
Erection of SCR unit 5 @ Orot Rabin Power Plant, Hadera
Replacing of coal system unit 2 @ Rutenberg Power Plant, Ashdod

2015 PM, Grand Ofek Projects
Overhaul Maintenance of oil refineries systems for Oil Refinery, Haifa

Stav Ben Shushan

Project Manager Stav Ben Shushan

Education:      B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

MBA- Master Business Administration


2019-2020   Project Manager, Beer Tuvia Turboset for SIEMENS

  • Leading the project by look-ahead planning, managing engineers and qualified workers teams
  • Mechanical erection for Turboset and Balance Of Plant (BOP) Components
  • Managing of schedule to achieve all the milestones and deadline targets
  • Budget control and monitoring the progress with the client
  • Supervision and following the full phasing sequence of erection

2018 Project Engineer, Grand Ofek Projects, Sugat project HRSG, BOP, ACC

  • Engineering support to PM
  • Overall pipe work supervisor
  • Pipe welding preparations, Weld Map, pressure test, NDT

2017 Site and Piping Engineer, Grand Ofek Projects, OPC Hadera HRSG project.

נתן פרישמן - יועץ הנדסה בכיר - גרנד אופק פרויקטים

Senior Engineering Consultant Natan Frishman

Education: Welding Senior Engineer, Metallurgy specialist


2015-Current Senior Engineering Consultant, Grand Ofek Projects
Sugat Kiryat Gat Erection of HRSG, BOP, ACC and Pipe Bridges
Ashalim Solar PP, Erection of 2 molten salt storage tanks
Projects for Ministry of Defense

2013-2014 Project Manager/Engineer, SCR and Stack at Orot Rabin PP, Hadera (IECo)
Re-enfourcement of metal structure

2009-2012 Project Manager/Engineer, Oil Refineries

2011 Project Manager/Engineer, Hagit and Ramat Hovav PP

2010 Project Manager/Engineer, Steel projects for Ministry of Defense

2006-2008 Project Manager/Engineer, Cords Bridge Jerusalem for the Light Train

1998-2005 Project Manager/Engineer, other projects that include high rises and
steel pipe bridges (Tel Aviv), heat exchangers and steam tanks (Rotem
PP), and steel structures (IECo)

QA Manager Oren Schneider


HSE Manager Dimitry Dudkin

Education: Practical Mechanical Engineer


2018 HSE Manager, Grand Ofek Projects

2016-Current HSE, SCR 1+2 Projects, Rutenberg Power Station (IECo)
Erection of SCR system: Metal Structure, duct, piping, instrumentation

2012-2015 HSE, various projects including: OPC Rotem, Intel, UTE

2010-2011 HSE, Intel ASTRATEC

יעקב אוזר - מנהל רכש ולוגיסטיקה - גרנד אופק פרויקטים

Procurement and Logistics Manager Yaakov Ozer

Education: Purchasing & Logistics


2016 – Current Purchasing & Logistics Manager, Grand Ofek Projects
Suppliers + RFQ
Manager of logistics center
Equipment and tools stock management and maintenance
Purchasing of raw material and tools for steel works field.

1972-2015 Purchasing & Logistics Manager, Koor Metals

Phone: +972-50-6044032
Email: yoav@g-o-p.co.il

Site QA Manager Dror Fichman

Education: BSc. Mechanical Engineer
Certified Welding Inspector (ICWI)


2018 Site QA Manager, Grand Ofek Projects, Sugat Project
Management of the quality array on site
Preparation of procedures, WPS/PQR
Performing welder skill tests
Supervision on works and progress measurement, including weld book.
Final Quality Dossier

2017 QA Manager for A.B. Keren Projects at Ramat Gavriel IPP

2015-2016 QA Manager for Hagivaa Y.H at Palmachim-Sorek IPP

2013 – 2014 QC, Noble Energy, Ashdod Natural Gas Facility

Financial Officer Maayan Mordechai

Education: CPA, BA Economics and Accounting


2015- Financial Officer, Grand Ofek Projects
Preparing quarterly and yearly financial reports and management reports.
Managing cash-flow, project’s financial control
Working with banks, suppliers, subcontractors, clients, authorities, taxes

2014 CPA, Bromine Compounds C.I.L.

2006-2013 CPA, PWC

זהר אזולאי - מנהל מערכת איכות ושיווק - גרנד אופק פרויקטים

Document control Zohar Azoulay

Education: MA, USA


Current Quality Control, Grand Ofek Projects
ISO Management, PQ, DC

2018 DC, Sugat Kiryat Gat PP (SIEMENS) HRSG, BOP, ACC, Pipe Bridges

2017 DC, OPC Hadera PP (Seridom) HRSG + Bridge
NCRs, Procedures, Final Quality Dossier, Contract Management, Billing

2006-2016 Business Development, Elco Contracting & Services
Pre-Qualifications and International Tenders
Sales of Electrical Equipment to IECo. Manager of agencies of international manufacturers.
Contract manager Elco-Chemo JV: Natural Gas Infrastructure, Haifa & Ramat Hovav
Contract Manager Gadir-Elco : Energy saving projects
Marketing activities: company profile, website, conferences

Ahmad Kabaha

Piping Engineer Ahmad Kabha

Education: Mechanical Engineer, University of Bonn Rhein Sieg, Germany


2018 Piping Engineer, Grand Ofek Projects, Sugat project
Welding Log Manager
Piping progress control

2017 Piping Engineer, Grand Ofek Projects, OPC Hadera HRSG project.
Welding Log Manager
Piping progress control

גיתית בריל - מנהלת חוזים - גרנד אופק פרויקטים

Contract Manager Gitit Bril

Education: L.L.B

2018 Legal Advisor & Contract Manager, Grand Ofek Projects
Responsible for all legal aspects and contracts: Suppliers, subcontractors, clients
Analyzing international contracts
Management of contracts throughout project cycle
Coordination with other law offices and
Reports to managements.

2014-2017 Lawyer, Civil Law Office
Negotiations between parties
Follow up on legal local and international regulation updates
Work with top management and government officials

Education: Practical IT technician
Microsoft Certified System Engineer


Budgetary and Project Control Jonathan Levy

Education:  B.A. in economic and logistics.


Responsible of generating on-going check of actual performance against budget, including project performance.

In his career Jonathan served in diverse financial positions including: financial analyst at IBM Israel treasury department, financial analyst of Salt Of The Earth and financial analyst at IEC budgetary control department.

IT Manager Hanan Biton


2016-Current IT Manager, Grand Ofek Projects
Configure, maintain and implement computing solutions to headquarter
and site offices.
Responsible for company joint server and data backup.
Responsible for all communications infrastructure including internet.

2011-2015 IT Officer, Koor Metals

2007-2010 IT System Manager, AGM Arazim

2001-2006 Computer Lab Manager, KSP


Project Manager Danny Lankri


Project Manager Toni Selfity

Education: Practical Mechanical Engineer


Current: Project Manager, Sugat Kiryat Gat PP (SIEMENS)
HRSG, Pipe Bridges

2017 PM, OPC Hadera PP (Seridom) HRSG + Bridge
2 HRSG + piping

2015-2016 Piping PM, Oil Refineries

2012-2014 PM, Zafit 2X 400 MW (Alstom)

2011 PM Dorad

2006 PM, Oil Refineries Oalborg
HRSG Erection

Project Engineer Khaled Haramy

Education: BSc. Mechanical Engineer


Project Engineer in the following projects:

GOP (2019) – Jerusalem 5th Water Line for Mekorot

AECOM –       Desalination facility, wells and pumping stations in Gaza

Black & Veech – Water Filtration Facility


Mechanical Engineer in the following prokects:

PRMS facilities

Natural Gas refineries

Petro-checmical projects

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